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Dementia Village

Dementia Village

...and what remains is the precious life we used and still want to live No more, no less
The Concept: Around the common and familiar building blocks lifestyles are built from a social approach. Look at day to day life and create conditions for the residents so that they are challenged by recognizable incentives to remain active in daily, precious life. In the nursing home groups residents with shared interests and backgrounds live together in a lifestyle-group. The design and decoration of the homes and surroundings is tailored to the lifestyles.

One cannot isolate the living environment for people with dementia from society. In my point of view the whole world is a Dementia Village and we are all inhabitants thereof. So it comes down to design and develop an inclusive environment, universal and not exclusive to people with dementia or with physical or mental limitations. Living, working, recreation and social inclusion is paramount.

Dementia Village wordt sinds 01-2021 bestuurd door Frank van Dillen.